Film / Interactivity / Animation


An adaptation was made of an existing story outline. The text was formatted as a professional script after which a detailed planning was made.
production lighting
All shots were filmed during several days with additional lighting and audio. The voice over was recorded elsewhere.
color grade
Editing took several days. Audio mixing, color grading and small effects were added afterwards. Finally, an interactive video menu was added to the mix.
cgi infographics
3d butterfly
Project Details

Client: CERM

Date: May, 2017

Online: www.cerm.net/business/movies

CERM wanted to show the implementation of their software in one of there client's business. After two meetings a final script was made for audio and visual preparation. After planning production, all shots were made on two locations. One of these locations was
used to record the voice over. After production some extra details were added, such as the animated butterfly for the logo and a visualisation of all services floating in space.

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